Kyle Jacobs – Singer Kellie Pickler’s Husband – Shocking Death and Toxicology Report

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Kellie Pickler’s husband, Kyle Jacobs, recently underwent an autopsy following his shocking death that has been ruled a suicide.

The toxicology report would determine the possible substances in his bloodstream, but it could take between 60 days to 90 days to be completed. There have been reports that he had Spina Bifida and had to take pain meds for this, but no one can find any clues as to what would have led to such a shocking death. He was a private person and he and Pickler lived a quiet life that seemed idyllic.

Jacobs’ body was reportedly returned to his family and had already been cremated, according to his obituary on

With the available information, the spokesperson for the Nashville Police, Noella Yazdani, said that the case is being treated as an apparent suicide, as mentioned above. However, she clarified that the autopsy report would be finalized following the release of the toxicology results, and it would determine Jacobs’ real and official cause of death.

It has been confirmed that there is a new development surrounding Jacobs’ death, however, the Tennessee authorities are still waiting for toxicology results. (The 49-year-old singer-songwriter was found unconscious in one of their four-bedroom mansion on Feb. 17).

Mr. Jacobs’ wife, Kellie Pickler, reported that she awoke a short time earlier, did not see her husband, and began looking for him,” the initial findings revealed. “After she and her personal assistant were unable to open the door to the upstairs bedroom/office, the assistant telephoned 911.”

Mr. Jacobs did not show signs before his apparent suicide, reports said. In fact, a day before his passing, the 49-year-old musician was able to mark a new milestone in the latest country album he worked on. It had reached platinum status.

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