Demi Lovato Started with Drugs in Family-Friendly Scenes

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It is no secret that Demi Lovato struggled with drug addiction throughout her life. Starting back when she was just 17, she has had a long road to recovery throughout the years. Doing cocaine off the sets of family-friendly shows, she started using and relying on this drug frequently to get by.

As time passed by, she started using more. Her career took off, but so did her drug and alcohol addiction. They became an issue and it was starting to be noticed by those who she was working alongside. This brought up a lot of tension with everyone who was supposed to be working with her.

She ended up seeking out treatment for these issues back in 2010. She needed to find a way to get over the drugs that ended up holding her tight. In addition to the addiction help, she also sought help for mental health issues she was struggling with, such as eating disorders and bipolar mood disorder.

She is not quiet about what she has been through and makes sure to talk about it as often as she is asked. She addresses the issues and her ongoing recovery work in many of her interviews, social media accounts, and in her music.

As she continues to do what she loves, she is committed to living a sober, clean life. She will rally for those who are also looking to do the same in their lives. Standing against drugs and alcohol, she is a strong voice in the rehab community.

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