Several Academy Award Nominee, Bradley Cooper Has Also Struggled with Addiction

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Bradley Cooper, even though he’s been nominated for several Academy Awards, has had some tough times in the past. He definitely paved the road to success along the way, but addiction was something he struggled with on the way to the top.

He was ruining not only his life but his body. He was doing things he would never do had he been sober. One of the biggest things he talked about is how he bashed his head against a wall to show how tough he was. This left a huge gash on his face.

Misusing drugs and alcohol for years throughout his life, he was struggling to overcome his addiction. Threatening to ruin and even take his life, he gave both of these things up back in 2004 at the age of 29. He has never looked back since then.

Even though he had started using these drugs in the early part of his career, it definitely was something he could have continued to do. He may not have been able to get as far as he has though. This is due to the fact that he realized early on that he had a problem. Ruining his life was not something he wanted to do and in order to stop this from happening, he decided to turn his life around and get the help he needed.

Due to this, he is known as one of Hollywood’s leading men and a bankable one at that. He continues to talk openly about his misuse of painkillers along with alcohol, being hopeful that his story will help others get the help they need to stop using.

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