Lamar Odom: Skilled at Hiding His Drug Abuse, Now Asking for Prayers

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Even though it has been five years since Lamar and Khloe had split, and the world mourned that loss, Lamar’s current fiance, Sabrina Parr, is now asking for prayers for him. This came just hours after announcing that she had cut off the engagement due to the welfare and best interests of her own children.

In the past, when Lamar and Khloe had split up, he ended up overdosing and almost losing his life to the tremendous amounts of drugs that were coursing through his system. Having been on life support, Khloe was by his side the entire way through. He promised to get help, to get clean, and to recover. All of which, he seemed to do.

However, just recently, with the break from Sabrina, we all learned that this was not the truth. She stated that he needed all the prayers he could get and that he had to work through the issues he is dealing with on his own. She could no longer be there to push through them with him.

While this seems devastating, he did state previously in his own book that drug addicts will not only fool themselves but everyone else that they are around. This seems to be what had happened after breaking up with Sabrina and not being able to compete in the basketball championships that he had signed up for due to undisclosed reasons.

Whether or not he is currently going to get the help he desperately needs, we don’t know. We do wish him the best though.

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