Bethany Frankel Slams Bravo for “Plying Cast Members With Booze & Denying Them Sleep”

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Bethany Frankel has launched a war on NBCUniversal and Bravo claiming they “manipulate their reality stars, plied them with booze”, and that they are “the victims of revenge porn”.

The former reality star and skinny girl mogul is also trying to organize a union for unscripted TV performers, akin to the actors guild SAG-AFTRA. According to Frankel, she has over 80 reality TV personalities in her camp. Her accusations followed an explosive incident where the show”Below Deck, Down Under” saw a cast member Luke Jones enter a female sleeping cast member’s bunk while naked and without permission, prompting production memebers to break the wall and intervene.

Frankel’s explosive letter from powerhouse lawyers was sent to her former network alleging ” grotesque and depraved treatment” including “plying cast members with alcohol while depriving them of food and sleep, denying mental treatment to cast members, and covering up acts of violence”.

Frankel was a staple on the Housewives of New York at one time. She made a fortune as a star but now says the network is exploiting its cast members. Some say she is boasting she will “bring down Bravo”.

When asked why many current cast members are still behind Bravo, her answer was “Why bite the hand that feeds you”?

Frankel has most recently slammed the show Vanderpump Rules over its treatment of Raquel, who had an affair with a popular cast member. She was denied payment for mental health treatment by the show in addition to being emotionally abused on a reunion show.

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