Dax Shepard Post Relapse: Kristen Bell Stands by His Side

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As the world already knew, since Dax is not so shy to talk about it, he struggled with addiction for quite some time in the past. Having been addicted to alcohol and various drugs, he found himself losing sight of who he was. He made a change for the better. This left him sober for 16 years. He had been doing great, alongside wife, Kristen Bell, and two daughters; he continued to entertain.

However, just recently, he opened up about how he fell back into addiction again. This left him feeling broken and weak, but he had to make a different plan and let someone know about his struggles. He turned to his wife and asked her for help.

Kristen Bell is open and honest about being with Dax and stated that he is, “very, very worth it.” He is also open on his podcast about struggling with the addiction in hopes that others who hear it and require more help can find the strength within themselves to go out there and get it.

He didn’t mean to fall back into this addiction trap, but after a motorcycle accident had left him in pain, he took prescription painkillers to numb it. This fed into more until he realized that he was taking them almost every day, all day for around eight weeks.

He didn’t want to lose his wife or his family in general, so he opened up, and together, they decided to make a plan. It has been almost a month since that happened and Kristen Bell states that he is doing amazing since then. He continues to be aware and to grow.

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