Robert Downey Jr. is Really a Hero for What He Has Had to Overcome in His Lifetime

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From addict to Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. has had to struggle a little bit before making his way in the movie industry. His addiction didn’t stop him from being a well-known name throughout Hollywood, though.

Having been introduced to drugs at just eight years old by his father, he was already in the world that revolved around them. He soon learned how to find them and use them.

Starting out with cocaine, he moved onto crack cocaine, and eventually, he soon began wanting harder, heavier drugs to tide him over. He moved onto heroin, a stronger drug that can also be potentially life-threatening.

Jailed multiple times throughout 1996 and 2001 on different drug charges, he would sit and wait before he bailed himself out, paid the fine, and continued to do what he was doing. These charges ranged from driving under the influence to possessing the drugs on him during the time of his arrest.

Finally, in 2003, he decided to go to drug rehab. He ended up getting sober, staying clean and continues to be clean to this day. He turned his addiction around and became a huge Hollywood success, especially now that we all know him as Iron Man.

His turn around is not only great, but it is inspiring for those who are also battling with drug addiction both inside the Hollywood acting world, but also in the real world. It shows us that anything is possible if you’re willing and able to put in the work to turn your life around and become clean.

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