Mel Gibson Credits AA for His Long-Standing Sobriety

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The Braveheart, Hacksaw Ridge, and Passion of the Christ star credits his 12-year sobriety to Alcoholic’s Anonymous. Having struggled for years with addiction, he is over a decade clean.

Having struggled with alcohol addiction for those years, he lost a lot. He didn’t realize he had an issue, but once it became apparent and he started losing friendships, jobs, relationships, and more; he decided to do something about it. He flipped his life around.

In the past, in 2006 and 2009; he was arrested for driving under the influence both times. He was also quoted for having made anti-Semitic remarks from the arresting officer. This was put into all of the tabloids and news outlets after it had happened, giving him a bad name and reputation for a while.

The 12-step program was what changed him around. It allowed him to work on new projects and see things in a different light. Had he not found this program, he may still be drinking to this day.

In addition to alcohol addiction, he was also battling emotional and mental issues which were causing the addiction to become worse with time. Taking care of his mental health first was the best thing he could have done, he states.

He is open about his journey and his addiction. He hopes to share his story in hopes that it would help others who are also battling alcohol, or even drug addiction. Having gotten the help he needed, he recommends the programs he used to get over the addictions with others who are also struggling during many of the interviews he does.


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