Good Will Hunting Star Had His Fair Share of Drug Issues – Ben Affleck Opens Up

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Many people do not know that Ben Affleck, the Batman, Good Will Hunting, and Argo star used to struggle with alcohol addiction. Having won Academy Awards in the past, many think that he has not had to go through many struggles in life.

He opened up about his addiction in recent interviews. He even recently stated that he had turned back to alcohol, but had to seek more help. This is something that he continues to work on, but since the addiction doesn’t ever fully go away, he keeps turning around and needing additional help.

He was able to go to rehab for the first time back in 2001 and was able to leave sober. However, he does make the statement that addiction is definitely a lifelong and difficult struggle that he has to deal with and continues to deal with.

This addiction has not stopped him from going after his dreams of being able to get lead roles in many of the major films we’ve all seen. He is hoping that this can help keep him motivated throughout the recovery from the addiction journey he is a part of.

After staying at another treatment center in 2018, he made a social media statement: “If you have a problem, getting help is a sign of courage, not weakness or failure.” This allowed him to open up and share his experiences so that those who are looking at rehab and treatment centers as a bad thing can view them differently. Hopefully, they will seek the help they need.


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