Joe Exotic Speaks on His Cancer and More

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Meth addiction figured largely in the lives of two of Joe Exotic’s husbands  – both of whom he met when they were both 19 years old. Both men can be seen on the Netflix series with what is referred to as “meth teeth”. The men admitted in the series that meth was one of the “main things” they and Exotic did together.

Infamous Tiger King star Joe Exotic has been diagnosed with prostate cancer while in prison. He’s come forward and publicly stated that his fiance, Seth Posey, will receive “everything” in his will.

Joe, convicted on 17 felony counts of animal abuse and attempted murder for hire, is expected to be imprisoned for another 21 years. At age 59, the prison has taken a toll on the former reality TV star. He claims back in 2020, while in Grady County Jail in Oklahoma, he claims to have been tied up and beaten by 8 corrections officers while incarcerated. Although, after checking surveillance footage, law enforcement concluded the incident never happened. Joe was staying at Grady County awaiting his murder-for-hire trial. After being found guilty, Joe was moved to the Federal Prison of Atlanta.

The former self-proclaimed Tiger King has made announcements recently, referring to his testament and where the proceeds will go.

“So I have my attorney Autumn Blackledge, she is the executor of the will, and I don’t want any of my will or Jeff Lowe, nobody to be able to get anything from me. Trademarks, copyrights, I just gave everything to my fiance, Seth Posey.”

Joe has made it very clear he doesn’t want any family included in the will. He explains in a recorded call how he feels his family wants nothing more than to feed off of him.

Seth Posey met Joe online after winning his online challenge ‘Bachelor King’ in 2021. The two clicked, until eventually splitting, while Joe fell in love and planned to marry prison cellmate, John Graham. Once Graham was released, Joe reconnected with Posey, as they are now engaged. Wow.

The reality star has no hope of leaving prison alive. He signed a DNR (do not resuscitate) order with the prison. That means, if Joe happens to fall into cardiac arrest or anything requiring medical attention immediately, medics will not revive him due to his wishes. He’s planned out his funeral, where his ashes will fall, and all of the above, as the legend of the Tiger King comes to a close.


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