Justin Bieber – Yet Another World Tour Cancelled

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The world-famous pop star, Justin Bieber, has just canceled all of his remaining tour dates, stating that he could not finish the North American leg of the tour.

Following the “Losin Control” artist, Russ, and the world-famous R&B singer The Weeknd, Bieber has put his physical and mental health above his ability to perform. Russ let go of his European tour as of August 28th after a mental health relapse, stating he realized a number of issues he needed to resolve. Abel Tesfaye, known worldwide as The Weeknd, had to cancel his tour mid-performance; as he sang his 2015 hit song “Can’t Feel My Face” in Los Angeles, he lost his voice, as he stepped off and back on stage to announce, heartbreakingly, that he could not continue.

Bieber had previously postponed his Justice World Tour back in the summer, due to a diagnosis of Ramsey Hunt syndrome: a virus serving an irritable rash on the face, as well as infecting a nerve in the head, usually causing paralysis on one side of the face. The major hit “Baby” singer suffered a loss of feeling on the lower right side of his face, as seen in the photo above. Bieber was also diagnosed with Lyme Disease back in 2020, expressing similar symptoms: facial rashes and “lockjaw”. Dr. Amit Kochhar, a Los Angeles specialist, and otolaryngologist stated that the two diseases have no correlation and that Bieber most likely contracted the virus from a much earlier case of chickenpox, as Dr. Kochhar states, “Most of us get chickenpox in childhood and it lasts a few weeks then goes away, but the virus stays as part of our DNA in the body for the rest of our lives. It hangs out in nerves and the immune system and it can be OK, but when you’re in a period of immune suppression, extreme fatigue, or stress, the immune system can’t fight it off.” A perfect storm of former illnesses, constant stress, and overhanging reliability took a major toll on Bieber’s ability to perform.

After JB’s last performance in Brazil, he revealed just how taxing that last show was for him. “I gave everything I have to the people in Brazil.” 6 cities in, as of September 6th, Bieber pulled the plug on the remaining 68 concerts; ranging from France, Austria, the UK, Germany, and many more.

“Thank you for your prayers and support throughout all of this! I love you all passionately!” Bieber writes in a statement to his literal billions of fans. JB is now taking it easy, resting and surrounded by loved ones as he prioritizes his well-being.




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