Braves Left Fielder Marcell Ozuna Once Again in Legal Trouble

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Left fielder and designated hitter for the Atlanta Braves, Marcell Ozuna, was arrested in late August of 2022. The former All-Star major league player reportedly speeding, whilst swerving in and out of lanes before being pulled over on Beaver Ruin Road around 3:30 in the morning. Ozuna’s arrest report has since been arrested.


The Dominican native “Big Bear,” as nicknamed for his large stature and strong infield qualities,  was pulled over by Officer Poole. The policeman, who was on a routine patrol in the moments before the arrest, in which he saw Ozuna visibly speeding, while his Mercedez was reportedly, “completely crossed over the center lines.” Poole notes that he reached a top speed of 90 mph to catch up to the baseballer’s vehicle. Once stopped, Poole questioned Ozuna, taking into account the smell of booze emitting from Big Bear’s SUV, as well as his watery, red eyes. Ozuna, after acing a requested field sobriety test, refused a breathylizer. Poole then transported Ozuna to the Gwinnett County Jail, with his bond set at $1,860.

Ozuna started over Atlanta’s starting left fielder, Eddie Roserio, in Sunday’s game facing the Houston Astros. Boos roared from the Braves crowd, only getting louder as Ozuna struck out; twice. The former star sporting No. 20 on the field  has dealt with monstrous public humiliation before: in 2021, when charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and battery. Police officers witnessed the player attack his wife, although serving no time, the left fielder had his charges drop after he completed a pretrial diversion program. Ozuna recieved a 20 game suspension after his first arrest.

Both the Braves organization, as well as Ozuna, have made very little comments refering his arrest. Atlanta only went as far as to express their dissapointment by the situation, while the left fielder went on to state his dissapointment in his actions regarding his team and his family.


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