Ben Affleck – Staying Sober Amid his Breakup

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Ben Affleck completed his last treatment in 2018 and “gives it his all” to remain sober. “He realizes the dangers of what he could lose if he doesn’t stick to his program”, says a close friend.

Concerns are there any time there is a life-changing event in an addict’s life. Affleck has one of those at the moment – he’s split from his girlfriend, Ana de Armas after almost one year together. After spending much of 2020 as one of the most intensely happy couples out there, they are going their separate ways.

“There is a deep love and respect there”, says a friend, “but they’re at different points in their lives”. Location was probably their main issue. Ana doesn’t want to be based in LA and Affleck needs to be near his three kids with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Armas spent lots of quality time getting to know Ben’s kids and his mother. They spent Thanksgiving together but were apart for Christmas and New Years’.

“They have had numerous discussions about their future, and they decided together to break up”. They continue to “talk regularly”.

Affleck has three jobs lined up and spends a great amount of time being a father. He is heading to Boston soon to film a project with George Clooney.

Experts agree that as long as he continues to work on himself and works hard on his sobriety, this bump in the road should not cause any sort of setback.





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