Update: Britney Spears’ Estate in Court Again

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The pop star, 39, and her father, from whom she is estranged, debated how he would share her financial management with a corporate fiduciary after an intense week of fan speculation about the case.

The legal battle continued on Thursday, February 11 over her personal well-being as well as her finances.

The judge, Brenda Penny, in a Los Angeles courthouse, did not order any substantial changes to the conservatorship that has been hanging over Britney since 2008.

However, it is considered a small win for Spears because her father has to share the conservatorship with a corporate fiduciary instead of making all decisions himself.

Some fans, known as #FreeBritney, have tried to portray the conservatorship as an unjust way of controlling the singer. She has suffered from her mental health as well as drug abuse over the years.

Her father, Jamie Spears, has said that this is a way of protecting his daughter’s money and life. Britney said last year that she would not perform again if he remained in control of her career.

Last year, Judge Penny declined to remove Jamie Spears from his daughter’s estate but agreed to add co-conservator, Bessemer Trust, at the singer’s request. The hearing on Thursday was about the division of power between Jamie Spears and the trust company. The judge upheld her previous ruling that Jamie Spears would continue to share control with Bessemer.

The conversation has heated up about the case after Framing Britney Spears premiered last week. This is a documentary that traces the singer’s rise to fame as a child star and teen pop star. It highlights the legal arrangement between her and her father as well as her attempts to get it removed.





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