Lindsay Lohan Overcomes Addiction and Becomes A Happy Mom

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Lindsay Lohan, the American actress, and singer, announced that she was pregnant back in March, revealing on social media that she was “blessed and excited” at the thought of becoming a mom. For at least a decade starting in 2006, she started a series of personal struggles that plagued her life and career. She was a tabloid fixture, spent many stints in rehabilitation facilities, and went through frequent legal issues. Her addition to alcohol and drugs led to numerous legal issues, including DUI and possession of cocaine.

“This is WONDERFUL NEWS!!” Lohan’s costar from MEAN GIRLS, Amana Seyfried commented on the announcement.

Lohan’s new motherhood marks the latest development in the star’s evolution from her past days as a hard-partying Hollywood starlet. In addition to appearing in a handful of high-profile ads, Lohan starred in and executive-produced the MTV 2019 docuseries, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which followed her budding nightlife business in Greece.

Since then she signed a deal with Netflix to star in several feature-length films for the streaming service — the first of which debuted in November 2022 and is called Falling For Christmas. This is especially good news considering her past drug addictions had a significant impact on her career. Attending rehab caused delays and cancellations in her work schedule. Her addictions also caused strain on her family including her parents and siblings. Her story highlights the importance of seeking help and support when struggling with addictions.

Lohan had many high-profile relationships during her life including Wilmer Valderrama, Harry Morton, and Samantha Ronson.



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