Questions Emerge From The Death of Bob Saget

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Weeks after the comedian Bob Saget’s shocking death, new questions emerge. He officially died from blunt head trauma in a hotel room (The Ritz Carlton). At 65 years of age, he seemed to be in good health and very healthy. He was taking pictures with fans, joking around with people in the lobby, and seemed happy and positive, according to a hotel employee.

His work ethic being what it was, Saget has two shows that day. He rose early, ordered breakfast from room service and prepared for the two shows he had that day. The Full House actor’s shows were sold out, the last one being 160 miles from the hotel. During the ride back from the last show, he told his driver that the 90-minute set had gone well.

He arrived at the Ritz Carlton around 2am where a hotel employee said he looked “wiped out. He was friendly, but you could tell that he really needed a good night’s sleep”, she stated. Tragically this was the last time anyone ever saw him alive again. First responders announced him dead around 4:30 pm after he could not be reached by his family. There was a speculation that he had suffered a fall backwards and struck the back of his head.

The blow had to be so severe that it caused multiple skull fractures including to the bone over his eyes which caused a brain bleed. 

The case has actually caused more questions than answers as it continues to be investigated. Detectives found no signs of alcohol or drug abuse. The family is trying to avoid the speculation surrounding the actor’s death and focus on the good times.



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