Katy Perry – “I’m so Glad I’m Not a Drug Addict”

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Five months after welcoming her daughter, Katy Perry prepares to go back to work. On August 26th, she and Orlando Bloom welcomed daughter, Daisy Dove. The pop star, 36, and actor Bloom,44, are gearing up for a busy year.

Perry is collaborating with Pokemon on a music program for their 25th anniversary. She also returns to American Idol and continues to promote her sixth studio album Smile.

Last year, early in the summer, the singer opened up about her battle with depression and said she was “so grateful” she didn’t turn to drugs during that time. In 2017, after her album Witness failed, she went on a mental health journey that helped her stay away from treating her depression with prescription medications.

“I’m so grateful I’m not a drug addict. I went on a journey to adopt some good tools so I didn’t have to lean so far into pharma”. They were pretty dark days and I think that was pretty evident on my last record and what I was going through publicly” – Perry stated.

She says she uses “meditation and “childhood trauma therapy” as a “tool” to help her handle her mental health. She also credits Bloom with helping her get back on her feet.

“I’m excited for her (Daisy) to grow and learn on her own terms”, says Perry. “This year is a year of establishing touchstones. I think there will be some joy to be had”!

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