Britney Spears Long-Awaited Comeback from Childhood Trauma

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2000’s pop sensation Britney Spears, alongside rock ‘n roll legend Elton John, are believed to be working on an “iconic” duet, according to world famous media personality Paris Hilton.


Spears hasn’t released any type of music following the release of her ninth studio album Glory, due to family complications involving an “abusive” conservatorship. Spears recently announced a “revenge” album, although no release date, or name, has been mentioned. The 40 year-old pop star revealed that she will be working with close, trusted friends on her soon to be 10th studio album, as opposed to her Father and former conservator Jamie Spears who she exposed as a “cash cow”, using his own daughter to build his wealth, while also restricting Britney’s music to the liking of his.


Britney’s direct family, consisting of her mother, Lynne Spears, father Jamie Spears, older brother Bryan Spears and younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears, have been a family of fame ever since Britney was a child. At 11 years old, she had earned a role on The Mickey Mouse Club. By the time she was 16 years old, she was recording her first studio album, Baby One More Time, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200.


As a child and teenager in both the television and music industries, Britney became the face of pop culture in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Although an incredible feat for such a young girl, these industries have no mercy for actors and singers who are so young. The spotlight began to take a toll on Britney, as her popularity increased worldwide. After a multitude of famous feats, such as performing with Aerosmith at the Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show and 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance including a caged tiger and python draped over her shoulders, Spears decided to take a break from music in 2004 to focus on starting a family.


In October of 2007, Spears lost custody of her two boys, Preston and Jayden to her ex-husband, American singer Kevin Federline. Federline. Although details have been confined by the court, it can be assumed that Federline noticed Spears was derailing, as she had shaved her head back in January of the same year. The public took to their own judgement, assuming Spears had shaved her head to escape hair follicle drug tests. While facing these allegations, Britney was mourning the loss of her Aunt Sandra Covington, one of Spears closest members. She shaved her head the night of her passing, shortly after checking in and out of rehab for only a few hours. The death of her aunt brought things out of her that she had bottled up for years. After shaving her head, Spears went to a tattooist, and when asked about her hair, the Pop Princess replied, “I just don’t want anybody, anybody touching my head. I don’t want anyone touching my hair. I’m sick of people touching my hair.” 


In 2007, Sam Lutfi, a former confidante of Spears, who claimed he was trying to convince Britney to stop using drugs, called the police to her home. Lutfi, supposedly Spear’s manager at the time, was seeking 15% of her earnings from that period (between $800,000 and $1 million). Although Lutfi claimed to influence Spears away from drugs and tours so she could see her sons.


In 2008, Spears was hospitalized due to mental health issues. Britney’s father took advantage of her issues, and became her conservator after taking the proposition to court, claiming she was not in the right state of mind to make her own financial or medical situations.


For 13 years, Britney was under complete control of her father. He restrained the music she wanted to release, forced her to take medication, and was allegedly holding millions from the Pop Princess. She also claims that her father bugged her room. As for Britney’s siblings and mother, nothing was done to help Britney in her prisoner situation, as she describes.


After the release of her father’s grasp in 2021, Spears is now attempting to revive her career after decades of emotional abuse, a toxic and money-hungry family, and drug usage. The 40 year-old pop star, alongside The Rocketman, made headlines recently with the announcement of their seemingly legendary duet.


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