J.D. Rooney and Tiffany Fallon Splitting Amid DUI, Drug Abuse, and More

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Joe Don Rooney, lead guitarist for the 90’s country trio Rascal Flatts, married Playboy model Tiffany Fallon in 2006. Fifteen years later, the pair are splitting up, as they continuously pile up allegations on the other in this nasty divorce.

Firsthand, Rooney has accused Fallon of having an affair, with her personal trainer. Rooney explained how the two had an adulterous relationship before he filed for divorce in 2021. The famed guitar player stated his wife and her trainer still have relations.

Tiffany, 48, has admitted to having the relationship, but she is also accusing the Grammy winner of cheating on her. She stated that her affair was not the downfall of their marriage, but instead, it was Rooney’s alcoholism and drug abuse that pushed her away.

Joe was arrested for DUI in September 2021, when police in Tennessee said he crashed his car into a tree. Tiffany cites Joe’s DUI case in the docs, saying it’s the culmination of ongoing alcohol and drug abuse. The Grammy-winning guitarist is open on his alcoholic issue and has stated that he is getting the help he needs. As for narcotics, Joe denies any abuse of drugs, although as a rockstar, can admit to using cocaine a few times.

The pair have three kids together and are currently deciding on custody issues.

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