Sarah Ferguson Defends the Disgraced Prince Andrew

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The Duke of York has been stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronages in the fallout over the civil sexual assault case against him. His ex-wife Dutchess Ferguson has always defended her daughters’ father and continues to do so.

Ferguson has always had a great relationship with the Queen, the mother of Prince Andrew, who she calls the “most wonderful, loving, forgiving, non-judgmental person I know”. The Dutchess famously chose her relationship with her mother-in-law over a big divorce settlement.

Ferguson remains close to her ex-husband. They have cohabitated on and off ever since their divorce. “He’s a great man, and a first-rate father, and the best friend.” We honor each other and respect each other till death does us part. The only thing is that he has girlfriends and I have boyfriends. He’s my soulmate”.

Ferguson once had her own reality show which she called a “documentary series”. Over several episodes, she asked several professionals to help her “get sorted”. Dr. Phil told her she was an addict. He said she was “addicted to approval and acceptance.”

Suze Orman told her she didn’t have a money problem, but addiction to giving out too much. She felt she had to buy a lot of presents because she “never thought she was worthy”.

Andrew has made clear that he will continue to fight to clear his name against allegations made by Giuffre, now 38, who says she was trafficked by the disgraced Jeffery Epstein. She says she was forced into having sex with Prince Andrew.

Sarah Ferguson was famously caught trying to sell time with her ex-husband to a businessman. She says she was drunk and that the video was distorted and edited to make it look like that’s what she was doing when she was not.

It remains to be seen who of the Prince’s family (including Ferguson) will continue to stick by him as Andrew faces mounting allegations, legal bills, and downright disgrace.



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