Former S.W.A.T. Actor Turned Substance Dealer and Alleged Murderer with One Simple Mistake

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Mucktarr Kather Sei, better known publicly as Lucifer and S.W.A.T. actor Kather Sei, has been charged with participating in a home-delivery drug trafficking ring, resulting in the death of a Beverly Hills resident in 2020.

Sei, an aspiring actor, moved to Los Angeles for a very relatable reason: The former New York resident moved to LA with dreams to make it big and become a movie star. Sei landed a few good roles, such as Officer Pitts in the hit CBS series S.W.A.T. as well as a minor role in Fox’s hit series Lucifer.

Although a statement has not been released publicly by Sei, it can be assumed that he teamed up with Mirela Todorova, a 33-year-old LA resident, in selling various drugs to make extra cash while offset. Mirela, who goes by the nickname “Mimi”, would hire drivers, such as Sei, to deliver products to her customers for around $200 to $300 per shift.

The details of Ray Mascolo’s death, the 37-year-old victim and son of millionaires Bruno and Kyara Mascolo, have been released by the Department of Justice, which provides the following: “On November 15 and 16, 2020, after a 37-year-old man placed orders for oxycodone pills to Todorova’s phone number, Sei allegedly delivered pills laced with fentanyl that caused the man’s fatal overdose in his Beverly Hills home. As part of that transaction, Sei called the man from a phone that Todorova provided to facilitate drug sales, the indictment alleges.”

According to the indictment, Mimi provided cell phones, spare keys to her Hollywood apartment, and drugs; sometimes laced with fentanyl (it is unknown whether they were intentionally laced by Mimi, Sei, or others involved). Mascolo requested to purchase oxycodone pills, a strong opioid that requires a prescription for legal use. Sei delivered Mascolo his requested goods before he died of an overdose on November 16th, 2020. Weeks before Mascolo’s death, however, Mimi’s number received a text from another buyer, stating, “Yo mimi the oxys are dirty.” Dirty, as in, laced with a lethal dose of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid similar to morphine, but 50 to 100 more potent. In these situations, fentanyl, known by its street name “fetty”, can be used to intentionally poison those who take fentanyl-laced drugs. This opioid is hidden in small yet lethal doses, primarily in recreational drugs. Although there is no known conflict between Mimi and Mascolo, it’s very possible she planned to kill him for an unknown reason. The possibility also stands that, wherever Mimi received her product to sell, could have given her bad pills, for yet another dead-end speculation.

Whether or not Mimi or Sei was under the impression that their pills were laced, both involved will likely suffer the charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs and drug distribution resulting in death, carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in federal prison and a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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