Update – Britney Spears is Released From Her Father’s Conservatorship

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A judge granted Britney Spear’s request to suspend her father, Jamie Spears, as her conservator. A hearing for control of her finances is set for November 12th.

For the first time since 2008, a Los Angeles judge has ruled that Spears will not have to live under her father’s oversight. Judge Brenda Penny granted a petition by Britney’s new lawyer suspending her father (69) from his position as a conservator over her $60 million estate – a move she has been pleading for, for years. “The current situation is not tenable”, the judge said.

The decision put an end to a 13-year conservatorship after Spears broke her silence in June of this year. She is also calling for those overseeing the conservatorship to be “investigated and jailed”. She said of her father, he is the “one who approved it all”.

In 2008, the conservatorship was established after Britney’s father cited mental health struggles and substance abuse by Britney. Ms. Spear’s lawyer also asked the judge to investigate Jamie Spear’s conduct in mismanaging her estate.

Ms. Spears gave a courtroom speech in which she detailed her father’s drinking and “obsession” with her. She said she has been drugged and made to work against her will. She also stated she was forced to stay in a mental health facility and prevented from removing her birth control device.

Britney supporters cheered as they heard the verdict and one said, “it’s about damn time”. The case has brought attention all over the world for conservatorships, both legal and illegal.



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