Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on His Difficulties With Alcohol and Her Never Ending Devotion

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Tim McGraw is once again in the spotlight filming the massive hit show, 1883 – a prequel to Yellowstone. Married for 25 years to his co-star Faith Hill, Tim’s struggles with alcohol started in 2008 and were a turning point in their relationship.

“It was a change in our relationship”, says Hill. “The struggle will not ever be fully over”, adds McGraw. “It’s never not a struggle. There have been ups and downs. Those demons always come back to you but you always have a partner who is willing to fight them along with you. We made a commitment to each other a long time ago that we are not going to give up. It’s too easy to give up. Faith has loved me through tough times when I didn’t love me”.

Yellowstone fans have been blown away by the performance of both Mc Graw and Hill and it has been called “poetic”.

McGraw is no stranger to acting  – he has starred in hits such as Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, and Flicka.

Hill also has several hits under her belt with The Stepford Wives and Dixieland. Most fans know them for their massive country music record sales.

Celebrating 25 years together in October 2021, while working on the set of 1883, they reflected on their big successes together that also included difficult times such as McGraws struggles with substance abuse and the recent loss of Hill’s father.

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