Marc Maron Shares Story to Help Others

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Marc Maron,comedian,actor, and podcast king, gets personal about his unexpected success and heartbreaking loss. Maron became famous talking about his life, the good and the bad. He had gone through a second divorce, and taken a job in order to pay his ex-wife. When that job fell through, he started a podcast called “WTF with Mark Maron”, in 2009.

This experiment became hugely successful with Maron’s complete disclosure on addiction, sobriety and personal loss. He hosted more than 1200 guests including Barack Obama, Matt Damon and Keith Richards. The podcast made Maron a star. “I knew I was good on the mic, so we decided to do a show every Monday and Thursday and it just sort of evolved”, he says.

After decades of doing stand-up comedy and small TV roles, Maron thought success had passed him by. Netflix’s GLOW proved a starting point for his streamline success.

At the height of his success he suffered a heartbreaking loss – his girlfriend Lynn Sheltonof died suddenly. Doctors told the 54 year old that she had strep throat but she collapsed after getting out of bed one night and died.

Maron is now 22 years sober and he talks with guests about the struggles he had with drugs and alcohol. He hopes that sharing his journey with addiction helps others.”Sharing your experience provides hope, whether its for a day or for the long haul”, he states.

Maron also still performs at the Comedy Store in LA where he got his start.


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